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  • NovaFuge B124-5R/B125-15R  Large Capacity Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge
  • NovaFuge B128-5K Low Speed centrifuge
  • NovaFuge B137-6K/B138-4K Low Speed Centrifuge
  • NovaFuge B139-4K Cell Washer
  • Hot Air Sterilizer NuOven D25-I/NuOven D51-I/NuOven D106-I/NuOven D198-I
  • Drying Oven (Benchtop, Horizontal Forced) NuOven B23-I/ NuOven C23-I/ NuOven B51-I/ NuOven C51-I/NuOven B105-I/ NuOven C105-I/ NuOven B212-I/ NuOven C212-I
  • 400℃ Drying Oven(Benchtop, Horizontal Forced Convection) NuOven B31-I/NuOven C31-I /NuOven B72-I/NuOven C72-I/NuOven B101-I/NuOven C101-I /NuOven B150-I/NuOven C150-I/NuOven B252-I/NuOven C252-I
  • Floor Standing Drying Oven(Vertical Forced Convection)NuOven FA31-II/FB31-I/FC31-I/FA72-II/FB72-I/FC72-I/FA136-II/FB136-I/FC136-I/FA252-II/FB252-I/FC252-I/FA429-II/FB429-I/FC429-I/FA624-II/FB624-I/FC624-I
  • Floor Standing Drying Oven(Vertical Forced Convection) NuOven FDA31-I/NuOven FDB31-I/NuOven FDA72-I/NuOven FDB72-I/NuOven FDA136-I/NuOven FDB136-I/NuOven FDA252-I/NuOven FDB252-I/NuOven FDA429-I/NuOven FDB429-I/NuOven FDA624-I/NuOven FDB624-I
  • Benchtop Vacuum Oven NuOven VQ25-3,NuOven VQ25-1, NuOven VQ25-2,NuOven VQ52-1, NuOven VQ52-2
  • Floor Standing Vacuum Oven NuOven VQ 52-3,NuOven VQ 52-4,NuOven VQ 52-5,NuOven VQ 52-6,NuOven VQ 52-7, NuOven VQ 52-8,NuOven VQ 91-1, NuOven VQ 91-2, NuOven VQ 91-3, NuOven VQ 91-4, NuOven VQ 210-1, NuOven VQ 210-2, NuOven VQ 210-3, NuOven VQ 210-4
  • Water Bath NovaBath NovaBath DWT-16, NovaBath DWT-26A, NovaBath DWT-31A, NovaBath DWT-26B, NovaBath-31B
  • Three-hole Water Bath NovaBath DWT21-3X
  • Water Bath NovaBath SWT-10
  • Shaking Water Bath NovaBath SWT-32A,SWT-32B
  • Oil Bath NovaBath YWT-12A,YWT-12B
  • Direct Heating Incubator (New) NovaIncu AT31-I, NovaIncu AT50-I, NovaIncu AT80-I, NovaIncu AT162-I, NovaIncu AT270-I, NovaIncu AT595-I, NovaIncu AT806-I
  • Water-jacketed Incubator (New) NovaIncu WT50-I, NovaIncu WT80-I, NovaIncu WT162-I, NovaIncu WT270-I
  • Illuminated Incubator PGC-D150, PGC-D250, PGC-D360,PGC-D450(New)
  • Mini Freeze Dryer NovaDryer-HF100 for Food, Fruit, Vegetable,Pharmacy and Laboratory
  • Mini Freeze Dryer NovaDryer-HF400 for Food, Fruit, Vegetable,Pharmacy and Laboratory
  • Mini Freeze Dryer NovaDryer-HF600 for Food, Fruit, Vegetable,Pharmacy and Laboratory